The Benefits of Whipped Cream Chargers and Dispensers

The demand for homemade whipped cream is on the up. You don’t have to browse social media for long before you see bakes, fruit, cupcakes, and more slathered with the stuff. Fresh whipped cream is popping up on more and more restaurant menus too.

You may be wondering how you can get in on the action and whether you should invest in a whipped cream dispenser. So, we thought we’d share some information about how whipped cream chargers and dispensers work, the main benefits you’ll find, and our tips for getting the most out of the gadget. 


Whipped Cream Chargers Explained

A whipped cream charger is a small canister of compressed nitrous oxide. When you add the little bottle to the side of a whipped cream dispenser, you can get fresh, delicious whipped cream in a couple of shakes and the pull of a lever. It’s so simple.

The great thing about using nitrous oxide to make whipped cream is you avoid the added, artificial stabilisers or thickening agents you’d usually have to put into a cream to get that whipped texture. You get a fresh taste and a light, airy result using natural ingredients and a natural process. 


Whipped Cream Dispensers Explained

The whipped cream dispenser is the device you use to add the nitrous oxide to your ingredients and aerate the mixture. They’re super hygienic being made of stainless steel or aluminium and very easy to use requiring minimal effort.

Dispensers come in different shapes and sizes. You can use one at home to add a little pizazz to your meals or in a professional kitchen as a major time-saving tool. Nowadays, chefs and home cooks use whipped cream dispensers to make all manner of culinary delights such as foams, sauces, and soft desserts.


The Benefits of Whipped Cream Chargers and Dispensers

There are many pros to using a whipped cream dispenser instead of store-bought whipped cream or manually whipping the cream yourself. Take a look:


Get Quality & Consistency

If you’ve ever watched an episode of the Netflix series Nailed It! or attempted to make whipped cream by hand, you’ll know the results can be unpredictable and sometimes even dire. Under whip and it’s bad, over whip and it’s bad. A cream whipper, however, gives you the desired result every time. You get a stable mixture that retains its shape and texture for days.

At the same time, you get amazing quality, tasty whipped cream made from scratch. It’s going to taste a lot better than the cream you squirt out of a can. There are no precarious additives like gelatin or artificial preservatives.


Save Time

No more will you need to mess up your kitchen or strain your whisking arm. Using whipped cream chargers and a dispenser, you get instant whipped cream with very little effort. If your guests want more whipped cream on their pie they won’t need to wait around for you to whip up another batch. You can make, serve, and store your treats quickly.

This is why whipped cream dispensers take the pressure off service in a busy professional kitchen. You can make your foam, sauce, or dessert in advance and put it to the side or in the fridge. Then when it comes time to serve dishes, add your tasty topping in a flash. It’s a great tool for efficiency.


Experiment with Your Dishes

A whipped cream dispenser means you can customise your creams, sauces, and foams. Make the topping exactly how you or your guests like it by adding flavours or simply altering the amount of sugar you use. Nowadays, you can even get whipped cream chargers in flavours like mint, strawberry, and many more. The flavoured nitrous oxide instantly infuses your cream or foam.

What’s more, a whipped cream dispenser is perfect for making both savoury and sweet dishes as well as drinks. People are using dispensers to instantly infuse a mojito with mint. Or make a fancy foam worthy of high-class restaurants by adding cream, herbs, and spices to the dispenser.


Extend the Shelf Life of Whipped Cream

Normally, you’d only be able to store handmade whipped cream in the fridge for around 24 hours. After that, it starts to lose its texture and flavour.

Nitrous oxide stabilises whipped cream without the need for additives. You can keep your whipped cream fresh by storing it in the dispenser in the fridge for up to two weeks without worrying about it going bad. The airtight canister helps to preserve the cream too.

This is handy for cafes, takeaways, and restaurants. You have “inventory” in your dispensers that you can store for a while and serve at a moment’s notice.


Whipped Cream Dispenser Tips & Tricks

Here’s some advice to help you reap the benefits of whipped cream chargers and dispensers:

  • Handle whipped cream chargers and dispensers with care. Whipped cream chargers and dispensers are easy to use. You just need to make sure you set your dispenser up correctly. 

  • The charger canister goes in the sleeve at the top of the device. Make sure you screw the charger in properly and release some gas before use. Never overfill your dispenser with gas or cream to avoid mess and accidents.

  • Choose the right whipped cream dispenser. They come in different sizes, usually up to one litre. Home users may choose a smaller dispenser, while professional kitchens may need a larger volume of whipped cream. But the size and style you get depends on your unique needs.

  • Clean and maintain whipped cream dispensers. Proper cleaning and maintenance will ensure your dispenser lasts as long as possible. Remember, it’s safer to release excess pressurised gas before opening your dispenser to clean it. Also, dispose of the charger responsibly before cleaning. Use warm soapy water and a small brush to clean the bottle, nozzles, and the pressure valve. 

  • Don’t be afraid to get creative with your whipped cream dispenser. It’s easy to find inspiration and recipes online. Alongside the foams and whipped creams, many use whipped cream dispensers to make, for example, milkshakes, pates, pasta sauces, and more.

  • Addressing Common Concerns Surrounding Whipped Cream Chargers

    It’s worth noting that there has been some abuse of nitrous oxide canisters in recent years. We’d like to emphasise that whipped cream chargers are safe as long as you handle them carefully and use them as they are intended. 

    Here are some safety tips for you to follow:

    • Always read the instructions for your whipped cream chargers and dispensers.
    • Only use authentic, high-quality chargers as counterfeits can be dangerous.
    • Store chargers in a cool, dry place away from open flames.
    • Dispose of used whipped cream chargers safely at recycling centres.
    • Use whipped cream chargers in a well-ventilated space and never inhale nitrous oxide directly.

    Summing Up

    Perhaps, the biggest benefit of using a whipped cream dispenser is that it gives you the ability to prepare elements of your dish in advance and serve them quickly when you need them. This is handy for any busy kitchen. Many in the culinary world, home cooks and serious chefs alike, use whipped cream dispensers to make delicious whipped cream and creative recipes in an instant.

    What’s next? You may want to explore our ranges of whipped cream chargers and whipped cream dispensers. Then research some interesting recipes you can whip up when your kit arrives.