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Isi Whipped Cream Dispensers

Whip the perfect cream with the highest quality dispensers on the market.

Made from stainless steel, iSi whipped cream dispensers are designed for professional use where consistency and flavour are second-to-none. We sell a wide range of iSi dispensers including the Profi Whip, Thermo Whip and Xpress Whip, so whether it’s size, long-lasting temperature or self-service you’re after, we have what you need.

Browse our iSi cream whippers below and benefit from free delivery when you spend over $100.

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Buy iSi Cream Whippers

If you’re looking for a whipped cream dispenser guaranteed to create a consistent, delicious & reliable taste, iSi has what you need. With a diverse range of dispensers, including Profi Whip, Gourmet Whip, and more, you can find the perfect kitchen aid guaranteed to give you a perfect final taste.

Available in a wide range of sizes including 0.25L, 0.5L & 1L so no matter what size you’re after, you can find one that fits your situation best.

Using iSi whipped cream dispensers is easy - simply fill them with cream, add a charger, and press the lever to experience the best-tasting dessert in seconds. They are also effortless to clean, meaning you don't have to worry about any mess.

Browse our range today and discover the perfect one for you!

What Isi Dispenser Is Right For Me?

Profi Whip - Designed to hold twice as much whipped cream compared to other whippers (1L instead of standard 0.5L), the Profi Whip is ideal for any environment where you’re doing a lot of whipping; It’s also a great cost-effective tool as you’ll be filling it far less frequently. Available as 0.5L & 1L whippers.

Gourmet Whip - Designed to be a professional all-rounder, the Gourmet Whip is a small, handy and flexible kitchen aid that can whip up warm and cold sauces, soups & desserts in a flash. Available as 0.25L, 0.5L & 1L whippers.

Thermowhip - Designed to be the perfect kitchen & catering allrounder, it will keep any whipped-up food at its desired temperature for up to 4 hours. Available as 0.5L and 1L whippers.

Easy Whip - Designed with home use in mind, the Easy Whip lets anyone prepare fresh whipped cream with the push of a button and be kept fresh in the fridge for up to 10 days. Available as 0.5L whipper.

Xpress Whip - Designed for self-service, the Xpress Whip is a free-standing whipper that deserves its own space on the counter. With an easy-to-use lever, you can have in the kitchen for hands-free use, or in the dining area for customer use. Available as 1L whipper.

Why should I buy an iSi dispenser?

iSi is the go-to cream whipping brand for high-end restaurants, bakeries, cafes & any other professional environment requiring a consistent & high-quality taste. Benefit from:

Convenience: Quickly and easily prepare whipped cream, sauces, soups, espumas, and other culinary creations without the need for additional or time-wasting equipment.

Consistency: Achieve consistent results every time and ensure your creation has the perfect texture and flavour every time.

Easy-to-clean: Designed to be dishwasher safe, they can be easily taken apart and washed to ensure ultimate freshness every day. When manually cleaning, make sure to use a cleaning brush after use for complete hygiene.

Safety: Made from high-quality, food-grade stainless steel, the easy-to-use cream dispensers ensure safety in the kitchen every time. They are also NSF-certified, meeting the highest safety standards for professional use.

Long-lasting: Designed to last using high-quality stainless steel, you’ll be able to achieve great-tasting results for years to come.

Creative possibilities: Enjoy endless creative possibilities; create a wide range of culinary creations, from whipped cream and sauces to soups and foams. Ideal for chefs, bartenders, and home cooks alike who enjoy experimenting with new techniques and flavour combinations.

ISI cream dispensers are ideal for anyone who values place taste over anything else. Ideal for any professional environment wanting to give its customers the best experience possible; whether serving up the soup of the day or frosting the top of a wedding cake. They are also great for home use where you can explore your sweet tooth from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Need Help?

If you have any questions about our selection of iSi whipped cream dispensers, or any of our other products, such as our iSi cream charger collection or soda siphons, then please drop us an email at or call us on 02 9188 4490.

Want to take your iSi collection to the next level? We sell a wide range of accessories including iSi Cream Whipper Rapid Infusion Kit, stainless steel funnel and stainless steel tips, so your deserts can be the best around.

Trusted Supplier

SupremeWhip is a highly reliable cream dispenser supplier with happy customers across Australia. Our commitment to quality is unrivalled, and with top-notch customer service, free shipping fees on all orders over $100, and a price match guarantee, we’re confident you’ll be happy when buying from us.

We provide our services to major cities all over Australia, including Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Sydney, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast. Shop with us today and experience unparalleled service and quality.

Please note: We do not supply Cream Chargers to anyone under the age of 18. South Australia Customers – you are not allowed to purchase Cream Chargers between the hours of 10pm and 5am.

Frequently Asked Question

Once whipped up, you can store the iSi dispenser in the fridge for up to 1-week. This is due to the air-tight system. Some iSi dispensers can last up to 10 days, but you will experience a change in taste as it gets closer to the expiration date, as is the case with all whip cream dispensers.

To clean a whip cream dispenser, first, wash out any remaining cream from the canister. Remove the stainless steel head and wash it separately with warm soapy water. Rinse the canister with warm water and allow it to air dry. Some iSi whip cream dispensers are dishwasher safe, but make sure to check on the packaging prior to doing so.

Orders placed before 1:30pm AEST on a working day will be processed that day and we will endeavour to dispatch on the same day, depending on our delivery agent. A working day is any day other than weekends and bank or other public holidays. If delivery cannot be made to your address for reasons under the supplier's control the supplier will inform you as soon as possible.
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