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SupremeWhip Max Canisters

Enjoy cream whipping like never before.

With SupremeWhipMax, you can take your whipping game to the next level; maximise your enjoyment whilst saving both time & money in the process.

Browse our SupremeWhip Max canisters and pressure regulator below, and reap the rewards of free shipping when you spend over $100 on your order.

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  • Cheap prices, top-quality nitrous oxide
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If you’re tired of constantly replacing standard-size cream chargers, SupremeWhip Max is the answer for you.

Designed to give you more gas for your buck, SupremeWhipMax Canisters are innovative cream-whipping devices that will make you wish you discovered them earlier. Thanks to a time-saving refill process, it will surpass your whipping expectations, outperforming traditional methods like mechanical whipping, along with every standard cream charger you’ve used before.

Try our customer-loved SupremeWhipMAX 580g N2O canister with 80 times more gas compared to standard cream chargers. Alternatively, upgrade to our brand-new 640g N2O canister for even more gas.

Attach a pressure regulator and hose to the top and control your desired amount without any going to waste. This is particularly great if you’re a baker or barista wanting the freshest cream possible.

If you’re new to cream whipping and feel the tank is too big for what you need, check out our starter packs which come with everything you need to create the freshest cream possible. We also sell a wide range of kitchen equipment including cream dispensers, kitchenware & barware.

How To Use a SupremeWhip Max Tank

Using the SupremeWhip Max canister is fairly simple but should be done with caution to ensure complete safety. All you need is an N2O Cannister, pressure regulator, hose & standard cream whipper. Before starting, make sure to clean and dry your dispenser and dispensing nozzle.

Step 1: Attach the dispensing nozzle to the head of the whipped cream dispenser

Step 2: Attach the regulator to the N2O tank

Step 3: Insert the other end of the pressure regulator into the head of the dispenser

Step 4: Hold the dispenser upright and press the lever for around 5 seconds to release the gas into the dispenser and create the nitrous oxide charge.

Step 5: Gently shake the dispenser to mix the gas with the cream inside.

Step 6: Press the lever or button again to dispense the whipped cream.

Step 7: After use, remove the N2O tank from the dispenser head and store it in a cool, dry place.

Once the tank is finished, use the plastic release valve to make sure it is completely empty prior to recycling.

Need Help?

If you have any questions about our SupremeWhip Max N2O tanks or any other products, such as our whipped cream chargers, dispensers & cream whippers, then please drop us an email at or call us on 02 9188 4490.

Trusted Supplier

At SupremeWhip, we are a reliable supplier of N2O cannisters serving hundreds of professional businesses across Australia with a reliable solution for consistent whipped cream. We are committed to providing a high-quality service to every single customer, which is why we offer a price match guarantee and free shipping on all orders above $100.

We serve across Australia, including Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Sydney, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast. Shop with us today and experience a product like never before.

Frequently Asked Question

Nitrous oxide gas cannisters are for anyone looking to save time, maximise their whipped cream and achieve consistent results every single time; whether you're a busy barista or a mesmerizing mixologist creating the perfect drink.

The 580g SupremeWhip Max canister contains around 80x the amount compared to a standard-sized 8g canister. For even more servings, the 640g SupremeWhip Max canister contains around 90x the amount compared to a standard charger.

SupremeWhip canisters are completely safe to use providing they are used safely with a pressure regulator, hose and dispenser. The pressure regulator allows you to control how much gas is released into your dispenser, so make sure to use as much as you need to not waste it.

Orders placed before 1:30pm AEST on a working day will be processed that day and we will endeavour to dispatch on the same day, depending on our delivery agent. A working day is any day other than weekends and bank or other public holidays. If delivery cannot be made to your address for reasons under the supplier's control the supplier will inform you as soon as possible.
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