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Cream Charger Starter Packs with Dispensers

Transform your culinary creations overnight.

With SupremeWhip cream charger starter packs, you can start whipping up the freshest and tastiest whipped cream you've ever tried. Whether you want to start small or big, each pack has everything you need to thrive from the very beginning.

Change the way you make whipped cream today and enjoy free shipping when spending over $100 on your order.

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  • Cheap prices, top-quality nitrous oxide
  • Free delivery on orders over $100

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Buy Whipped Cream Starter Pack Bundles

Select the size, choose the colour, and find the starter pack that suits what you need.

Our whipped cream starter packs are equipped with everything you need to hit the ground running. Coming with a high-quality stainless steel dispenser and accompanying cream chargers, you can start making the freshest whipped cream without any prior knowledge beforehand.

Our cream dispensers vary from 0.25L all the way up to 1L, so whether you're a beginner to the culinary world, a professional practising their cocktails, or just looking for the perfect gift your friend would never think to get themselves, you can find the perfect size for any occasion.

In addition, we have a wide range of colours to choose from, including monochromatic and camouflage.

Our N2O starter packs come armed and ready with 50 cream chargers, so you can enjoy the purest nitrous oxide without having to slow down as it just starts to get fun.

Make Fresh Cream From Scratch

Better than mechanical whipping

You'll be amazed at how much more whipped cream you can make compared to using a mechanical whipper, in fact, you can get triple the amount from just 0.5L of cream! And the best part is, it takes far less time to make. If you suddenly have a craving for a delicious treat, just pour in the whipping cream, insert the charger into the bulb, and in just a few minutes, you'll have freshly whipped cream ready to enjoy.

Better than store-bought whipped cream

Gone will be the days of throwing away half-used cans of whipped cream! With the ability to make it from scratch in just seconds, you can now create as much whipped cream as you need without any waste. Plus, making it from scratch also means you won't feel the urge to overindulge beyond your limits.

Not only will you save money by creating your own whipped cream, but you'll also be doing your part for the planet as you won't be throwing away largely unusable canisters.

Why Buy From SupremeWhip?

SupremeWhip whipped cream dispensers and chargers are manufactured in a state-of-the-art factory with a high level of quality control ensuring no duds, oily residue or industrial aftertaste. All of our chargers are made with zinc coating and 100% recyclable steel, so not only are they beneficial for your kitchen, but also help the planet in the process.

We're a reputable and trusted supplier of whipped cream supplies operating across Australia, with happy customers coast-to-coast. With no delivery charges for orders above $100, a 24-hour price-match guarantee and delivery across all major cities including Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Syndey, Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast, you can shop with confidence, knowing you'll be back at SupremeWhip as soon as possible.

Find out what the hype is and enjoy whip cream starter packs today.

Please note: We do not supply Cream Chargers to anyone under the age of 18. South Australia Customers – you are not allowed to purchase Cream Chargers between the hours of 10pm and 5am.

Frequently Asked Question

These are for any cream enthusiast that's ever wondered what'd be like to have tasty whip cream at a moment's notice. Coming with professional cream dispensers and chargers, the same ones used in coffee shops, ice cream shops, bars & restaurants, they use premium food-grade gas to ensure the best-tasting whipped cream imaginable.

Each starter set comes equipped with a cream whipper, culinary-grade N2O cream chargers, x3 decorating tips, a cleaning brush, a charger holder & instructions book - everything you need and more to craft the freshest cream imaginable.

Yes! Cream chargers are incredibly easy to use; simply fill the dispenser with fresh whipping cream, add powdered sugar for extra taste, insert the charger into the bulb holder, shake it and dispense to enjoy fresh-tasting cream. The amount of whipping cream you use is entirely dependent on how much you want to make and the size of your dispenser, but keep in mind it will grow to around three times the amount once shaken.

One of the best parts of whipping your own cream is infusing different flavours into it. Our InfusionWhip chargers come in a wide range of flavours including banana, mango, strawberry and more!

Cream chargers and nitrous oxide are legal to purchase and use for culinary purposes. We do not supply Cream Chargers to anyone under the age of 18. South Australia Customers – you are not allowed to purchase Cream Chargers between the hours of 10pm and 5am. When using a cream charger, please follow the manufacturer's advice & instructions.

Orders placed before 1:30pm AEST on a working day will be processed that day and we will endeavour to dispatch on the same day, depending on our delivery agent. A working day is any day other than weekends and bank or other public holidays. If delivery cannot be made to your address for reasons under the supplier's control the supplier will inform you as soon as possible.
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