Our favourite Top 5 Celebrity Chefs

Our favourite Top 5 Celebrity Chefs

These days Chefs have taken on their very own celebrity status and are dominating our television screens, bookshops and kitchens. In recent years, more and more ordinary chefs have been thrust into the limelight with their individual cooking styles and outlandish personalities.

With this in mind, here are 5 of the most famous celebrity chefs that are not only dominating our lives and the media, but who are also teaching us a thing or two in their process of doing so:

1. Jamie Oliver

The original ‘Naked chef’, Jamie Oliver is the Essex cheeky chap that captivated us with his natural personality and passion for food. He has had several successful television shows, including taking youngsters with little to no hope of a career, teaching them to cook and giving them the chance to work in one of his own restaurants. Jamie Oliver is most known for his campaign to get healthy meals into schools. It had a definite impact and divided the country. He attempted to do the same in the US, but to less success. His family man image, comfort cooking and successful restaurant chains make him a firm favourite and a secure number one in the list.

    2. Gordon Ramsey

      Our favourite - what a legend! Gordon Ramsey’s fiery temper has by far overtaken his notoriety for cooking! The swearing, angry, shouty man exploded on our television screens several years ago and he is still a firm favourite amongst audiences. He has had great success both in the UK and the US and is most known for his television programme 'Hell's Kitchen' that saw him attempt to save ailing restaurants. He is also incredibly well known for his fantastic Christmas dinners and the step-by-step Christmas dinner television show that is broadcast on Christmas day every year.

      3. Heston Blumenthal

        By far the most outrageous and creative chef in the list. Heston creates the strangest food combinations and craziest recipes that have seen thousands flock to his restaurant. The Fat Duck is a Michelin 3 star restaurant that has been voted best restaurant every year since it opened in 2007. Heston has also dallied in television but ultimately his passion is food and his love of creating weird and wacky recipes has seen his popularity soar. 

        4. Delia Smith

          Definitely the most famous female celebrity chef of all time; Delia has been in the spotlight got years and is most known for her home cooking and easy to follow guides - her most famous recipes include her Chicken Basque and her delightful version of the classic whipped cream pud, the Eton Mess. A cookery book best seller, a popular television programme, and a passion for Norwich city football club, Delia has maintained her love of cooking and has always made that her main priority.

          5. Nigella Lawson

          Nigella was originally a food writer that found fame on a Channel 4 cookery programme purely due to the sex appeal she gave to food and the audience. Her fame was relatively short lived, her television shows were cancelled yet she still hits bestseller lists with her cookery books and her infamous sexy attitude to food remains unforgotten.

          The one thing the people in this list have in common is a passion for food. Cooking has transformed his or her lives and if you've got a passion for food as strong as theirs, then it is possible to cook like a celebrity chef - all you need is professional kitchen equipment.